PTSD Support Group

1st and 3rd Thursday

from 6:30-8:30 pm

Monroe Baptist is seeking to help those who have had traumatic life experiences. We are seeking to create an environment to share these experiences in a group setting and work through them together. This group meets the first Thursday of the month at Monroe Baptist. 

Check out our article

in the Monroe Monitor HERE

For more information you can contact us HERE.

Men's Prayer breakfast

1st Saturday of the month 7-9am

On the first Saturday of the month our men meet together at 7am to enjoy some good food and time in prayer. This time is open to all men and their sons. There is no cost except a few hours of your time. We are usually finished by 9am.  

For more information call the church, or contact us HERE.

Ladies Bible Study

Every Friday Starting at 1:00pm

Every Friday afternoon ladies are invited to participate in a study in the book of Ephesians. Coffee and cookies are usually served. Come fellowship together in God's Word.

This year's book is written by N. T. Wright, Tom Wright has written several guides to scripture. More of his works are available at

Here's an excerpt from this year's study: 

"Have you notices how sometimes you have a story in the back of your mind that keeps coming up, even when you're talking about something else? IN Ephesians, throughtout its worship, prayers, and instructions for living. Paul can't contain his joy and amazement at the larger story of God's plan to save us in Jesus the Messiah. These eleven studies from Tom Wright will help us see the significance of our rale in God's grand narrative, and encourage us to live more fully as people who are loved by God." 

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